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Four teens charged for throwing rocks at cars

July 23, 2007

Lee County-  Four teens are in trouble for hurling rocks at passing cars in Lee County. Three 16 year olds and 17 year old James Matthew Varner hid out on Highway 19 south of Leesburg before sunrise Monday, and as cars passed by, they pelted them with large rocks. They threw them so hard that even windshields and windows shattered.

Luckily no one wrecked, but the teens were playing what could have been a deadly game and now they're in custody.

Around 4:30 a.m. Monday Michael Walker finished his shift at Cooper Tire and was driving home along Highway 19 south just north of Century Road when he heard it.

"I heard a loud cracking, sounded like a gunshot," said Michael Walker.

Walker saw police lights at the top of the hill. He slowed down just north of Century Road, that's when he became a victim too. Walker said he never thought the suspects would be so brazen to throw rocks at his car with the police yards away.

"I turned around and went back to the police officers saying someone was either shooting at me or I hit something or someone," said Walker.

It was four teens who threw rocks at Walker's truck. Walker wasn't the only victim,a woman's Ford Explorer was hit on her way home from Phoebe Putney Hospital and a Georgia Department of Corrections Prisoner Transport was struck in the windshield on its way to Lee State Prison with two inmates inside.

"You drive fast, the prisoners are agitated, they're looking for oh, if he stops now I got a chance to maybe escape or whatever. It's dangerous, it's very dangerous," said Col. Duane Sapp.

So dangerous, authorities are surprised it didn't cause a crash.

"Very, very dangerous because when something like that happens the natural reflex is to flinch, you could run into another car, you could lose control," said Sapp.

While that didn't happen this time, the victims hope others will learn from the suspects mistake.

"I hope they do and they can live with the responsibility and learn from it because that's very dangerous somebody could have been killed," said Walker.

The four teens face charges of reckless conduct, criminal damage to property both first and second degree, interference with government property, and fleeing and attempting to allude.




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