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New VP says she'll work to attract and educate new students

July 23, 2007

Albany - Technical Colleges across the state are competing for money for programs and capital projects. If the colleges don't attract and graduate more students, the amount of money they get will dwindle.  Albany Tech's new Vice President of Student Services says it's her goal to get students in and send them out with a higher education.

It's her first day on the job and already Pamela Heglar has her work cut out for her. "We're changing at the speed of light these days," she said, "and I think it's for the better."

Heglar, a 25 year veteran of community colleges, says one of many changes is the way schools get money, it all depends on how successful the school is at bringing in students and seeing them through to graduation.

She said, "If you're going to get a new building, then you need a certain enrollment for that."

She says it's all about being accountable for tax dollars. "As taxpayers we don't want to continue to pour money into something that's not really producing good results," said Hegler.

And Albany Tech's President, Dr. Anthony Parker says that's why Hegler is the perfect person for the job, she'll get those results. "It's a hard pill," she said, "but it's one we need to take." And one she plans to take, in order to take Albany Tech in a new direction.

Hegler will also be responsible for balancing the student body by increasing the number of students in certain programs that aren't as popular as other areas.



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