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Tech industry grows while enrollment drops

July 24, 2007

Valdosta - Need a job?  Get a degree from a Georgia technical college.  Those schools have amazing job placement rates for graduates, while enrollment declines.

With a boom in the technology industry, that means there aren't enough workers to fill all the job openings.

The technology industry remains one of the fastest growing career fields.  "People are constantly getting new software, companies are spinning out new software so there's always a need, " says John Thomason, a Computer Information Systems Instructor at Valdosta Technical College.

South Georgia is no exception.  "There has been a constant growth in the implementation of technology.  Especially in South Georgia because we tend to be a late adopter of some of the technology," says Ryan Williams, a Chief Technology Officer for Nexxtep.

According to the U.S. Government Accountability Office, employment in the computer sciences and math fields has increased by 78%.  Non tech fields by just 17%.

And they expect the industry to continue its explosive growth.  "It's such a broad field but there is always something.  Any business of any size can implement technology to a certain extent," Williams adds.

This boom in the field means a large increase in jobs.

But with enrollment in many Technical Colleges around the state decreasing along with the number of graduates in the tech industry, there are not enough students to fill the high demand.  "There's no shortage of jobs and available positions for them to go after for sure."

Students who do graduate will have an abundance of opportunities after college.  But leave many concerned that as the newest technology hit the market, the market may not yet be ready.


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