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ASU Police to prepare for serious situations

July 23, 2007

Albany - - Albany State University's Police Department is taking training to a new level. Friday, we told you four ASU officers want to be a part of the new reorganized Regional SWAT team.

 ASU's Police Chief welcomes that move but the says all  his officers need SWAT training, even if they never serve on the SWAT team.

Don't take Albany State's 27 member police department for granted. Chief Roberson Brown describes it as, "Small but very efficient." 

They're stepping it up a bit. "A lot of people misconceive that campus police are like security officers or whatever but we have the same state certification, the same arrest powers and authority, just like any other municipal police department."

Now, Chief Brown is ready to show the area his department means business.  "I want the same demands put on my officers as any other department and we can stand the test of time like they do."

So they're getting bullet proof vests, M16s, high-powered sniper rifles and in-house training to prepare them for situations a real SWAT team would face.

"Like what happened at Virginia Tech with students and faculty being shot, I can't wait for SWAT to get in the building. My officers need to go in and take aggressive action to eliminate the threat."

He says his officers are first on the scene anyhow and can't be afraid when it's time to take action. This type of training has never been done before at ASU.

"Were got to be just as equipped or armed as the SWAT team because they have to be somewhat prepared and cant rely on SWAT for everything."

When it comes to training and equipment, the chief says he'd rather his officers have it and never need it rather than need it and never have it. 

Brown says after the special training, his team will be equipped to handle all SWAT-like procedures, except for hostage situations.

He says his officers are excited about the changes.


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