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Iraqi general looking to import weapons and ideas

July 23, 2007        

PENTAGON (AP) - There's a gleam in his eye as Iraqi Brigadier General Majid Jwad  talks about having his forces not just train with the Americans -- but look like them.      

Jwad talked with AP Radio at the Pentagon as he visited Washington on a procurement trip, meeting with arms makers and checking out military schools. Jwad says the Iraqi Army literally began from scratch two years ago, and is now getting geared up while training.      

He lists American M-16s and Hummers among the "sophisticated" equipment the Iraqi armed forces are looking forward to using.      

Jwad says it's also a culture change for the army, which under Saddam Hussein was one of the world's largest. He says they're importing modern ideas on how to create a better fighting force.

 And he's asking for the American people to be patient while that happens.            

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