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Will reward help catch Moultrie arsonist?

July 22, 2007

Moultrie -- Southwest Moultrie continues on as it always had; even after an arsonist set six buildings in the area on fire.

"The neighborhood is going about its business," said resident Trina Brown. "We aren't really concerned about it anymore. We are just normal people going about what we usually do."

The six homes were within a three block section. Firefighters got the first call a little after ten that night.

A call that was the beginning of nightmare; that surprisingly neighbors don't expect to be repeated anytime soon. "Maybe after it dies down a little bit it will start back up. But if it does, I think they will continue to burn the vacant houses in the area and not the residential ones," said Brown.

But before anyone can be proven wrong, police hope to catch the suspect. "Right now we have no leads other than someone seeing a young black male dressed in all black leaving one of the houses that night," said Moultrie Police Investigator, Seth Walters.

The Georgia Arson Program rewards any caller with information leading to an arrest and conviction. A possible reward of up to ten thousand dollars. But will the money get people talking?

"A reward does seem to help jog people's memories," said Walters.

"It probably will, but their will be a lot of mess going along with it. A lot of lies with people saying who did it. I don't think a reward is better, I think they just need to catch him," said Brown.

Regardless if a tipster comes forward, police will continue to investigate. "Monday, we will hit the streets and go door to door, and start talking to people to see if anyone has seen anything unusual," said Walters

Until then those living in Southwest Moultrie are hoping for the best. "We are concerned about our kids, but right now all we can do is pray about it and hope it doesn't reach our homes," said Brown.

Anyone with information can remain anonymous. The arson hotline is 1-800-282-5804. You can also call the Moultrie Police department.

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