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Potter fans unite for late night release

July 21, 2007

Albany -- Sorcerers, lords, wizards and witches gathered at Books-A-Million to get the hottest book to hit shelves in recent years.

"Well over the years Harry Potter has been very successful, and for the last book Scholastic has printed 12 million copies for the U.S. alone," said Co-Manager, Doug Bundren.

The final installment of the seven book series will hit readers hands at 12:01 AM. "When I get home tonight I will start reading won't stop until I get done some time tomorrow," said Lenee Thompson.

What better reason to share the magic the novel has filled its Georgia readers. "We've got four different houses from the hog warts school broken down by ages. We'll have face painting, trivia and a costume contest, " said Brundon.

And the novel hasn't just got children under its spell. "I met Lanee and it was so nice to meet another Harry Potter adult fan," said Carin Reese.

"I have a lot of people look at me like I am crazy," said Thompson.

But the question that is on everyone's mind is will Harry Potter die? " He's gonna live, he's got to live ," said Reese.

"I am kinda skeptical. I want him too, but I don't know," said Thompson.

"Absolutely, no clue. Well if he dies I hope he take s his enemy with him," said seventh grader Lexie Harrison.

Regardless of whether the new book will have a happy or sad ending, the book has brought many back to good old fashion reading. And in today's technological world, its no easy task.

Only people who pre-ordered the book will be guaranteed to go home with a copy Friday night. It will be available to the general public at Books-A-Million Saturday morning at 9:00 AM.

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