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Immunization Clinic help parents meet new requirements

July 21, 2007

Albany -- It was a day of fear for many Dougherty school children. Nurses held tense little arms giving vaccines all afternoon to meet the new Georgia immunization requirements.

"The new requirements for school this year is that kids going into kindergarten and sixth grade must have a chicken pox vaccine or proof that they had the disease," said Dougherty County Health Department Immunization Coordinator, Suzette Profit. "Children born after January 1, 2006 get a Hepatitis A vaccine."

The changes also require children under five to get a vaccine against pneumonia. "The shot decreases the chances that the children will get the disease," said Profit.

But getting those requirements met won't be a walk through the park for parents. "I've been here for about two hours, and once you come in you take a number and have a seat," said Hope Allen.

"We were number 257 so its kinda lengthy," said Willie Mae Strawder.

Those at the immunization clinic say its worth every second. "I feel its worth the wait. My child's health is important and I don't have a time limit on her health," said Allen. 

Once the horror is over, most of the kids come out with a smile. "She gave me a shot and I didn't even cry and I held my breath," said third grader, Alex.

"Just felt like a needle on my skin and not actually going through my skin," said sixth grader, Erin Warren.

School in Dougherty county starts on August 7th giving parents two weeks to get their children's necessary shots.

For parents who may have missed Saturday's clinic; you have another chance. The next immunization clinic will be held at the Dougherty County Health Department on August 4th from noon to 4:00 PM.



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