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Moody airman saves drowning child

July 20, 2007

Valdosta - An airman at Moody Air Force base saved a child from drowning.

Second Lieutenant John Bergmans was leaving the gym at the Links Apartments earlier this month when he noticed a little girl on the bottom of the pool.

Her mother quickly dove in and pulled her out but she wasn't breathing.

Bergmans grabbed her and began using the first aid skills her learned in training.  "I started knocking her in between the shoulder blades trying to get the water out and use gravity to my advantage. Luckily after a little while, the water started coming up an she was waking up a little bit," says Lt. Bergmans.

The girl, 5 year-old Emma Whitener, soon began to take in air and since has made a complete recovery.

She now often stops by Bergmans apartment on the way to the pool to say hello and thank you.


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