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Food for Thought: Restaurant Inspections

July 19, 2007

The following food service establishments were inspected by the Dougherty County Health Department. 

Category I violations are deemed to be an imminent health hazard to the consumer and must be corrected immediately.  Category II violations are deemed to be critical operational and maintenance violations and must be corrected within 72 hours. 

Category III violations are general requirements that establishments must meet to maintain an environment conducive to good food management practices and to meet consumer expectations; these violations must be corrected within a reasonable time period. 

Restaurant Inspections July 12 - July 18, 2007   

1. Taking 5 - 411 Philema Road - Albany -  Score - 87  -   Violations : Unapproved food scoop (Category II) Raw meat stored above prepared food items (Category I) Improper use of inverted milk crates for storage; Improper storage of clean utensils (Category II) - Repeat Place toilet paper in dispenser in restrooms (Category II) Replace missing drain plug on dumpster (Category III)

2. Brown Bean Coffee - 114 North Jackson - Score - 100

3. Waffle House - 1702 East Oglethorpe - Albany - Score - 78      Violations : Cover all food items in reach-in (Category II) Meat and cheese held at 41F at food prep table (Category I) Clean mold from drink nozzles; Clean equipment when not in use or between uses (Category II) - Repeat Store wiping cloths in sanitizer when not in use (Category II) - Repeat Clean floor or reach-in cooler (Category III) Provide paper towels at handwash sink (Category III) Keep dumpster door closed; Food items in waste grease receptacle (Category III) - Repeat Clean beneath all equipment at front counter (Category III)

 4. Two Scoops Gelato & Pastry - 106 Pine Av - Albany - Score - 85  -   Violations : Unapproved food scoop (Category II) Food items store less than 6" off floor (Category II) Meat held at 62F-67F (Category I) - Corrected at time of inspection, temperatures at food prep table were adjusted Clean interior office machine; Clean interior of all coolers (Category II) Improper storage of single service items (Category II) Floors not clean (Category III)

5. Carmike Cinemas Wynnsong 16 - 2823 Nottingham Way - Albany -   Score - 74             Violations : Uncovered popcorn; Drink syrup bag on floor; Employee food stored with facility food products (Category II) Frozen fruit drink machine dripping on floor (Category II) Ice scoop handle in ice; Improper broom/mop storage (Category II) Missing paper towels at hand wash sink (Category II) - Repeat Unclean garbage cans (Category II) Oil/syrup on floor (Category III) - Repeat Cleaning chemicals stored with topping oil (Category I) - Repeat (Corrected at time of inspection - topping oil removed from chemical storage area Live roaches noted in storage room (Category III) Spilled food accumulations under/behind food service equipment (Category III)

6. Albany Elks Lodge #713 - 3213 Gillionville Road - Albany Score - 100

7. Five Star Catering Monumental Faith Ministries - 3404 Gillionville Road - Albany -   Score - 93  - Violations : Clean blade of large can opener; Sanitizing rinse at dishwashing machine 120F (required to be 180F) (Category II) Replace burned out light under grease filter hood (Category III) - Repeat