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Tax-free week alleviates parents with school shopping

July 19, 2007

Albany-- The new school year is just around the corner and parents know what that means.

"Big binders, that's the most important thing. Book bags, notebooks pencils; got to have pencils," said sixth grader, Keaundretria Broner.

The cost of new school supplies can set you back. "This year I will be spending seventy to eighty dollars," said parent Tomeka Broner.

But the state is doing its part to help. On August 2nd state and local taxes will be removed from school supplies with each item costing twenty dollars or less, and computers that cost no more than then 15 hundred dollars.

Clothes and shoes with each item costing less than one-hundred dollars and PDA's that don't have voice communication will also be tax-exempt.

Not everything will be exempt. Furniture, cell phones, digital cameras and several devices and software will have taxes that week.

Though tax-free week helps many parents out financially; several start school shopping early. A lot of parents don't wait for tax-free week to start to get school uniforms because by the time it gets here many of the plus sizes are already gone.

So whether it's uniforms or pencils and papers everyone agrees with one thing.

"Start early because when that time gets here, there will be nothing left, nothing left," said Broner.

"Get here early and be ready to stand in line," said Staples sales manager, Josh Broner. The earlier you start the better off you'll be.

Georgia's tax free weekend begins August 2nd at 12:01 AM and continues until midnight August 5th.