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Youth Group donates time, energy to help others

July 19, 2007

Albany - Many middle and high school students spend their summer break lounging by the pool or in front of the TV or computer. But some young people gave up those comforts in order to bring comfort to someone else.  

In the dog days of summer, one group of teens is working to bring the dogs themselves a little bit of relief. Joe Warren said, "We're building doghouses that they are going to sell later."

In order to raise money for Habitat Homes like the one they are helping to finish up.  "It makes me feel a lot better that somebody that couldn't afford a nice house like others could have a house as nice as this," said Garrett Davis.

A 25 member youth group from all over South Georgia, including Savannah and Darien volunteered to come to Albany to participate in a mission project to build homes.  This was all sparked by another trip last year when they helped with Hurricane Relief.

"The really got into it and really loved it," said Jeff Jackson, Youth Minister. And wanted to spread that love along to folks who need a helping hand.

"It's just a wonderful thing that's happening here," said Wallace Marsh. Marsh is the Associate Rector at St. Paul's Episcopal church. He says it's heart warming to see the students volunteer their summer vacation, when they could be doing just about anything else. "It's the time to be at the pool, but they're out here in the heat, just helping out our community which is a wonderful thing, it's a very good thing," said Marsh.  "It's a spiritual thing. It's wonderful to see them integrate their faith into action which is phenomenal."

But Garrett Davis says it's no phenomenon at all.  It's what he was supposed to do.  "I felt like God was calling me to help people and habitat is a good mission and I feel like it's a good thing to do community service wise," said Davis.

A service that will benefit the homeowner, with a message that hits home for this group. The group is staying at St. Paul's Church through Sunday. The doghouses they are building will be available at the Habitat for Humanity store for about $200.



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