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Echols County Sheriff seizes 200 marijuana plants

July 19, 2007

Echols County - Deputies in Echols County found more than 200 marijuana plants hidden throughout a secluded hunting area.

The plants were spotted from the sky during a routine flyover a little after 10:00 AM Thursday morning.

Deputies estimate they've been growing there for nearly three months.  "The plants range anywhere from three to six feet in height.  Estimated street value we figure is about $750,000.  Maybe a little higher," say Sheriff Randy Courson.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is now at the scene pulling the plants and looking for clues that might lead them to the growers.  "We have several people we are looking at. Hopefully if we can get some more evidence together that will put them at the scene then we'll be coming to visit them later," Courson adds.

They say if these plants had not been found, the drugs could have been distributed all over the region.


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