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Cop protects kids from vicious pit bull

July 18, 2007

Cordele -- Eric Baker and his brother were roller skating Monday afternoon when a neighborhood Pit Bull dog broke loose and began chasing a group of young children.

"The dog came running up here, and my cousin, Darian, started screaming.  We ran to the trampoline," Baker said.

Baker and four other children jumped onto the trampoline to escape from the enraged animal, but the pit-bull didn't give up. "He would try and bite through the trampoline, and every second we would just jump," says Baker.

Holes in the trampoline show where the dog bit it.

Satarius Monson was terrified when she saw the dog biting at the children. She said, "I was on the phone with 911 and my oldest son, Vescorey, was trying to hit the dog with the shovel. The dog wasn't concerned about anything but the kids on the trampoline."

Cordele Police officer Bruce Gourley responded to the 911 call. He said, "When I approached the trampoline, one of the kids jumped off the trampoline and I had to catch him in my arms."

Jamie Robinson jumped into Gourley's arms, but the pit-bull turned its attention on the child's in-line skate.

"The dog almost bit me," said 5-year-old Jamie. When asked what he did when the dog tried to bite his leg, Robinson replied, "I cried."

Officer Gourley got young Jamie to safety and then grabbed the dog. He said, "Once I had both hands free I had to actually sit on top of the dog and hold it to the ground."

Animal control officers took the dog, who'd just had puppies, back home to its owner.

"Brave, brave, really brave. Hero," says Monson of Officer Gourley's actions.

An officer more than willing, to jump into action. Cordele Police have charged the dogs owner with a leash law violation.

A petition has been filed to have the dog listed as potentially dangerous under state and local regulations.


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