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State Pardons and Paroles Board meets with South Georgia crime victims

July 17, 2007

Albany--The state Board of Pardons and Paroles is meeting with more than 100 Southwest Georgia crime victims and their families Tuesday in Albany, to give them information on the current status of the offender in their crime.

Four members of the state board and members of Victim Services from across South Georgia will be meeting with crime victims until 8 in the evening.

The victims and their families talked with board members about the crime and how their life has been impacted. The victims were registered to receive notices on the status of the inmate in their case, and were able to have their questions and concerns heard by the parole board.

Crime victim Nancy Lorber said "that's one of the reasons I am here today, is to be able to ask questions, and find out where I stand with his release."

Chairman of the State Board of Pardons and Paroles Garland Hunt said " Many times since the trial no one even knows the pain that has gone through, and impacted the family, how that is. So we are just very concerned about that."

The state board meets with crime victims every third week in Atlanta, but they travel to other cities around Georgia every three months to hold victims visitors' days like this, to show that public safety is one of their main priorities.


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