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Albany coaches getting a kick out of summer

July 16, 2007

Albany -- Every Sunday night at the Gordon Softball complex, you can find teachers and coaches from the Albany-area engaged in a fierce battle...playing kickball.

Dougherty assistant basketball and softball coach Ty Hayes says, "I started this as a way for us adults to have a good time. Kids are always having fun, so I thought, 'Why not let the adults have a good time, for once?'"

With adults playing a kids game, the younger generation can sometimes be cruel.

Hayes says, "They really tease us, saying grown people can't run, they can't catch. But they gotta understand we're 30 and 40 years old, so it's catching up with us."

"It's like a sport where you don't really injure yourself, so that's why we stuck to kickball," adds Albany State cheerleading coach Carla Holt.

Expectations on the field are high, with induction into the Kickball Hall of Fame guaranteed by some players.

There are hits and misses on the field, but the games are always competitive.

"The coaches don't want to lose," says Hayes. "We have that coaches-thing in us where we don't want to lose. Last Sunday we were out here all night, in the dark, playing kickball, but it was well worth it."

The games are having a big impact on the teachers and coaches, even if it sometimes comes in the form of a kickball to the face.

Holt says, "We're always looking forward to Sundays."


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