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SCRT's big task

July 16, 2007

Valdosta - The Georgia State Patrol has an elite team that is on call 24 hours a day.  "When we have a fatality scene that is prosecutable, we are called to the scene day or night," says Glenn Morgan with the GSP Reconstruction Team.

It's the Specialized Collision Reconstruction Team, or SCRT. When a fatal accident occurs, they reconstruct the accident and determine who is to blame.  "We use forensic mapping to mark the evidence and the roadway."

But currently the Georgia State Patrol is about 200 troopers short, and the SCRT is no acceptation. And this team of six has a lot of ground to cover.  "Our team is team five and we cover 42 counties."

Monday they are investigating a fatal accident in Lowndes County.

But they don't always get to stay this close to home, often traveling as far away as Houston, Calhoun and Randolph counties.  "You may get a call to Cuthbert that may take you two and a half hours to drive it to get to the scene," Morgan adds.

Meaning the case loads can stack up, keeping them busy, hard at work and almost always on the road.

But they say at the end of the day, all their hard work pays off.  "It makes you feel like you've done something worth while. To the family members of the deceased and everyone else."

When their skills help put dangerous drivers behind bars.


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