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Neighbors react to Sunday's stand-off

July 15, 2007

Albany -- The James household woke up to an intense fight. Sandy's wife was the first to hear the drama.

"When she said someone was fighting over there, I was surprised then. I said 'fighting?' and she said 'yeah!' The girl that lives across the street was screaming," said neighbor Sandy James. 

The situation took a turn for the worst. It was a scene straight out of an action movie on the 1500 block of 5th Avenue. "They brought the ambulance with the SWAT team," said James. "I counted the police cars. I counted about twelve cars."

Police found six people including three children inside of 1507 5th Avenue. Officers say 30-year-old Carl Lamond Smith cut the mother of his children, 19-year-old Danielle Wooley, in the face.

He also cut Danielle's mother, 36-year-old Georgia Seely in the neck with a knife. Both women transported to Phoebe.

"The were holding the lady up, and she was just bloody on this side. She just had a whole lot of blood on this side," said James.

Police were then able to get to the children but not before Smith took his three-year-old daughter by knife point to a back room. He barricaded himself inside and at one point held the knife to the child's throat.

"I saw three this morning. The baby, then another little baby, then another little girl just before they brought him out," said James.

With the investigation still ongoing, Smith faces a laundry list of charges. "We have two counts of aggravated assault, one count of kidnapping, and one count of burglary," said Albany Police Officer, Kenn Singleton.

Investigators say the motivation for the violence and stand off was Smith's separation from Wooley. Neighbors are still in shock over the turn of events. "I never would have thought that was going on between them. They seemed like good neighbors you know," said James.

Nineteen-year-old Danielle Wooley received stitches for the cut on her face and was released from Phoebe. Her mother, Georgia Seely, under went surgery for her wounds and remains at Phoebe Memorial listed under fair condition.


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