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Tax payers may be getting more money

July 15, 2007

Albany -- The latest state revenue figures show that Georgia is flush with cash. It could mean more money for you.

State revenue figures show that state tax collections rose seven and a half percent. This means the state collected an extra one point two billion dollars this fiscal year.

This gives Georgia an extra 400 million dollars that house speaker Glenn Richardson says should be returned to taxpayers in some way. State Representative Ed Rynders also agrees.

"There is a couple of different options that we can look at. Last year we tried to give back 142 million dollars in property tax relief. We can also try to lower the motor fuel tax and also making sure that we have enough in reserves. I am confident that at the end of the day we are going to do something that will give relief to the taxpayers of Georgia," said Rynders. 

The overall jump in revenues for the year came because of a nine percent increase in individual income tax and an almost 18 percent increase in corporate income taxes.


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