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Popcorn prices are poppin'

July 13, 2007

Albany - - You might have to dig a little deeper in your pockets to enjoy a favorite snack the next time you go to a movie. The cost of popcorn is up more than 40 % from over last year.

It has to do with the ethanol boom. So much corn is being used to produce that fuel, there's not as much for other uses like popcorn At Carmike Wynnsong Theatre in Albany. Managers say popcorn is always in high demand.  

"They pop a batch and we have a popcorn warmer, they put that in there to keep that batch warm while they're serving the customers and as they're serving it they've got another batch popping ready to go so they can throw it in the warmer and keep it cycling all night," says Toby Williams.

The theatre raised popcorn prices in November. They're not sure if another hike will come soon.

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