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Valdosta police now better prepared for emergencies

July 13, 2007

Valdosta- It's a system that's been used by the military for decades. 

And police say it could have improved their response when active pipe bombs were found in a Valdosta Storage unit last week.  "We can do better, we can do better but that's what this is all about.  You would have seen a major difference," says Commander Brian Childress of the Valdosta Police.

They are called incident command grid maps, just introduced to the city and will help law enforcers respond to any other major incident that may occur in the future.

Don't see the big deal?  Just take a look at the old maps.  They are far less detailed and leave out a many of roads and buildings. 

The new grid map's sophisticated aerial layout will help police get organized.  "We've got overlays from the South Georgia Regional Development Center of roads and major facilities, things of that nature to help us orientate where we are at."

And their grids will help them determine what to do and how to do it.  "Inside that circle, we know where to evacuate, which roads to block off and so on," Childress says.

To keep all responding agencies on the same page, it will soon be utilized by all law enforcers in the county.

The police and fire department printed 19-maps that will cover the city and are currently printing an additional 165 maps that will outline the rest of the county.


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