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Parole Board to hear from citizens

July 12, 2007

Albany  ---  South Georgia crime victims will get a chance to speak out against the criminals who victimized them.

Years ago, the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles stopped allowing victims to speak at parole hearings.  On Tuesday, the Board of Pardons and Paroles will come to Albany.  It's their fourth stop across the state to speak with crime victims.           

Victims can meet with a hearing officer in private and discuss their case or check on an offender's status.

"So when they get ready to make the decision to parole or release someone on a work release program or something like that, this name and this face is going to come right before them and they're going to hear that voice and it's not going to just be a number," says Victim Services Director Sybil Collins

The Victims Witness Assistance Office is asking victims to call and schedule a time, but you can also walk in that day.   Victim's Visitor's Day will be Tuesday, July 17th from 9:00AM till 8:00PM the Parole Board office on Evelyn Avenue.


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