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CACH discusses health cost with Oxendine

July 12, 2007

Albany --  One day after Phoebe Putney voted to raise health care prices yet again, Georgia's Insurance Commissioner met with business leaders concerned about the high cost of medical care in Albany.

John Oxendine met with members of a group called CACH, which stands for Coalition for Affordable and Competitive Health Care. Oxendine says there is not a health insurance crisis in America, but health care costs are a problem.

"They are finding the cost of health care in this area of the state is of concern to them.  We're going to be working with insurance professionals, medical professionals  with business leaders in looking at ways we can address the cost of health care in this area of southwest Georgia," said Safety & Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine.

"We pay more for health care costs at our facility than we do other P & G facilities and that's makes us not competitive and we're trying to change that and fix that, we need lower health care costs here in our region," said CACH Board Member  Vince Falcione.

Oxendine said the meeting was just the first of several meeting he hopes to have with community leaders concerning high health care costs in south Georgia.

Phoebe Putney announced Wednesday that it's increasing the price of inpatient and outpatient medical care by six percent; over twice the rate of inflation. They also announced six million dollars worth of pay raises for Phoebe staffers.