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Storm ravages Cordele homes and businesses

July 11, 2007

Cordele - - A late afternoon thunderstorm left behind a mess in Cordele.

Scott Davane sums up the damage of his dream.

"Trying to make a family business."

Just six weeks ago he moved into a new building to open up a tire company.

"Been working on it 12 to 14 hours a day trying to get everything done, get it remodeled." ]

Part of that re-modeling included replacing the roof. After Wednesday evening's storms, he'll have to do it all over again.

"Peeled my building back like a banana."

Mother Nature ripped the roof off herself.

Customers were inside at the time. He remembers seeing dark clouds.

"I figured 'you know its ok, I've seen dark clouds before', and all of a sudden I looked out the front door and you could see....It was like leaves, trash, everything coming around the corner of my building beating the front of my building."

He's not the only one that got a hit. Trees blew right into properties. The infamous watermelon that greets Cordele visitors is now resting to the ground. At a nearby cemetery, a tree fell over grave sites.

"I reckon we pick up the pieces and start from where we left scratch."

Davane is devastated.

"My wife and my savings is invested in this everything we had, everything we got is invested in this."

A dream shattered today, but not forever.  

Crisp County power says 40 to 50 homes and businesses were without power. By 10 o'clock Wednesday night, they were able to get most of them back on line.


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