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Landfill fire will smolder

July 11, 2007

Albany --  A fire at an inert landfill near the Liberty Expressway in Albany will likely burn for days after lightning sparked the fire at the Maple Street landfill Tuesday night.  

Crews worked to build an earthen wall around it to keep it contained and away from nearby houses. Crews spent the night dousing flames and at daybreak began work to build the earthen barrier around the fire. 

The landfill is full of tree parts and other yard debris and was ignited by a lightning strike witnessed by a weight manager. 

The landfill is expected to burn for days. "By putting this containment berm around the perimeter of it, what will happen is it will sit there and go ahead and degenerate burn, and degenerate-- basically decompose into nothing," said Public Works Director Phil Roberson.

If the winds continue from the west, Roberson believes it will keep the smoke out of neighborhoods and not endanger traffic on the 82 bypass. 

Both city and county crews are working together to keep the fire contained.  


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