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Dougherty schools fail standards, superintendent still hopeful

July 9, 2007

Albany --  Four Dougherty County Schools failed to meet federal progress standards during the past school year.

The Adequate Yearly Progress standards are part of the No Child Left Behind Act.  AYP is divided into three sub-categories; socio-economic, race, and students with disabilities.

Superintendent Sally Whatley says she is pleased to see some improvements, and is hopeful for continued success in the upcoming school year.

She adds, "I'm very proud that we made progress. I think it is important when you have 25 schools in a school system that you've made progress from 80% of your schools making adequate yearly progress to 84%. Of course our goal is 100% of our schools to make adequate yearly progress. "

There are 25 schools in the Dougherty County school system. The four that didn't meet AYP requirements were Dougherty County Comprehensive High School, Albany High School, Radium Springs Middle School and Merry Acres Middle School. 

Individual schools must meet or exceed standards set in three categories which include test participation, academic performances, and a second indicator that consists of attendance and graduation rates at the high school level.



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