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Peanuts restart at zero

July 9, 2007

Albany -- The South Georgia Peanuts won the South Coast League first-half championship Friday night, and the playoff spot that goes with it.

Now they get to do it again.

The standings reset to zero Monday night, as the Peanuts open up a three game set with Aiken.

South Georgia led wire-to-wire in the first half of the season, but every team gets a fresh start in the second half.

Even though they already have a spot in the championship series all locked up, the Peanuts will be looking to take home the second-half trophy as well.

South Georgia second baseman Joey Hooft says after playing eight games last week, it was nice to just have a day off Sunday.

"Oh, it was much needed," says Hooft. "I got a good sleep, woke up, and took a nap. It's important to us, and to all the guys individually to come out and play strong in the second half as well to the team goals, as well as their own personal goals."

Johnny Washington adds, "Everybody out here is trying to win. I don't think anyone out here like losing. We're going to come out today and start another winning streak."

The Peanuts begin a three-game series Monday with Aiken, with the first-pitch at 7:10 pm.