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Valdosta stylist stages a hair rescue

July 9, 2007

Valdosta  --  While serving overseas, conditions are often rough, and military personnel are forced to adapt. Having the basic necessities like shampoo and conditioner can help.  "You just feel better about yourself. It helps with your own self morale," said SSgt Tiffany Borries.

But these items are often few and far between.  "We'd run out of things quickly and it's hard to get shipments in to restock up," she said. 

Running to the corner convenience store is not an option for troops overseas as many bases are literally located in the middle of nowhere. So when beauty supplies run short, troops are out of luck and must make due with what they have.

For airmen like Tiffany, this sometimes meant washing their hair with dial soap and bottled water. "We'd have dial soap and stuff so if we don't have supplies and can't borrow for someone we'd have to use it as a last resort."

When Valdosta stylist Jessica Piper heard of these conditions she took action.  "Wait a minute. I can do something about this, and 'Ladies on the Line' was born."

She's collecting the basics, "Shampoos, conditioner, moisturizers, leave in conditioner, facial soap, chap stick."

And will be soon be sending the donations to bases overseas. "It's just a good feeling, it really is, to know that people are thinking about you," said Piper.

So far they've collected nearly $5,000 worth of hair products, and hope to send their first shipment at the end of the month. 

If you'd like to help, Piper and her beauty troops have set up donation locations in Tallahassee, Thomasville, and Valdosta.

  • In Valdosta:
    Between Friends Salon on East Park Avenue
    Endless Summer Tanning Salon on Northside Drive
    Anthony and Company near Inner Perimeter Road

  • In Tallahassee:
    Synergy Salon on Thomasville Road
    Styles of Elegance on Mahan Drive

  • In Thomasville:
    Great Clips on Highway 19
    Hair Company on East Jackson
    Sunshine Corner on Broad Street


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