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Sheriff speaks about Sasser pot grow

July 9, 2007

Dawson -- A Sasser man is in the Terrell County Jail, charged for his involvement in a half million dollar marijuana growing operation. The GBI raided the house on Peachtree Street Saturday finding grow lights, fertilizers, and more than 100 marijuana plants.

The Sheriff's office confiscated more than a half dozen vehicles used to transport plants and a U-Haul containing gaming machines.   

More than a half dozen vehicles, investigators say used to transport marijuana plants, are now impounded at the Terrell County Sheriff's Office. The GBI and Terrell County Sheriff broke up the half million dollar growing operation in Sasser Saturday.

 "Out of the 37 years I've been in law enforcement, I've never seen an operation like this, especially at a residence," said Terrell County Sheriff John Bowens. "I've never seen it before in my life."

Investigators also found more than a dozen slot machines in the back of a U-Haul on the property.  "They had told me what was in it, but I was really surprised when I saw it," said Bowens.

Fifty-seven-year old Weymen Harris is in the Terrell County Jail charged with manufacturing marijuana and there could be more arrests. "There might be, possible there are going to be more arrests, but when we arrived at the residence and the GBI got there before I did, and it was just this person that lived there," said the sheriff.

Investigators say the equipment used was as sophisticated as that in Lee County and they're looking at both operations. "They had the grow lights they had several stuff like the dirt they grow it in, the soil the minerals and stuff they put with it they had everything they needed to make it grow."

Sheriff Bowens said he's just happy to have the drug off county streets and those responsible in jail.

A wrecker in Harris' yard was marked H&H Salvage and Used Auto Parts with a Roosevelt Avenue address in Albany. City officials say that business owned by a Bobby Russell Harris ceased operation in 2005.


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