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Peanuts have time to rest

July 9, 2007

Albany -- Besides the seemingly endless supply of talent they're able to move through the line-up, the South Georgia Peanuts will have a major advantage over the competition for the remainder of the South Coast League regular season.

That advantage is the ability to rest

The Peanuts have already clinched a spot in the three-game SCL championship series, beginning August 31st.

Despite the fact they've already secured a spot, the team won't be sitting on the couch for the next two months.

The league has been and continues to be a showcase opportunity for the players, as they look to move back to a major league organization.

The Peanuts have already graduated three players, with Steve Garrabrants, Jon Zeringue, and Jared Sutton all getting the call.

South Georgia manager Wally Backman says his team is aiming for a championship in the second half of the season as well, but its nice to know they already have a spot locked up.

Backman says, "I can give Doc Brooks some time off, I can give Nick (Prosise) a little time off behind the plate, get Tug Gillingham back into the role of things, where he's playing a bit more. It's nice because you can rest guys when you have to rest them, because there's no rush to have to win the second half."

After eight games in six days, the Peanuts are off Sunday, but are back in action Monday, as they host Aiken at 7:10 pm.

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