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Burglary suspect cleared

July 6, 2007

Albany - - Police have arrested a man for ramming a car through the front doors of two pharmacies earlier this week. The man Police were looking for as a suspect in those break-ins has now been cleared.

Justin Scott Short was wanted for questioning because the white Ford escort that ran into Phillips Pharmacy on Palmyra, and then later left the Eckerd's parking lot on North Slappey, was traced back to him.

Short says the car actually belongs to his mother.

Turns out, Albany police arrested 39 year old Tony Davis, charging him with two counts of burglary.

Short says Davis is actually his mother's friend. He says he's glad to have his name cleared because it could have hurt his business.

"I go into a lot of peoples houses and a lot of contractors who let me unstop their real estate drains and stuff. They don't want you going into their real estate houses if you're going to run into a front door of a drug store, what are you going to do when you're there alone, so it kind of messes with the business real bad," Short says.

As far as Phillips Pharmacy, the owner says he plans to put up small barriers at the front of the store to prevent further break ins.

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