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More marijuana arrests to come

July 6, 2007  

Leesburg -- The Lee County Sheriff believes the pot produced in the large marijuana growing operation busted earlier this week wasn't going far before it was sold on the street. Investigators say marijuana from that operation was being sold primarily in Lee and Dougherty counties.

WALB has also learned more about two prior drug convictions for two of the five suspects arrested in the case.   

Marijuana grown and processed at two homes in the Hunter's Ridge and Southwood on the Kinchafoonee subdivisions wasn't going far for sale. Sheriff Harold Breeden said marijuana evidence from another drug bust in Lee County is from the same crop busted this week.  "I know a lot of it was being sold in Lee County here, and some of the surrounding counties, mostly Dougherty County."

Scott Renfroe,  Ray Moody, Frank Spring, and Kimberly Etheridge were arrested earlier in the week. Kasey Pearce was arrested Thursday and this isn't her first arrest on drug charges.

Pearce was charged in Houston County in 2005 for manufacturing, selling, dispensing and distributing methamphetamines. In 2000, she was charged with the purchase and possession of a controlled substance in Dougherty County.

"It was discovered that she was in fact helping and assisting in the grow of the marijuana. Frank Spring also convicted on drug distribution charges in Ashville, North Carolina," said Lee County Sheriff's Col. Duane Sapp.

Investigators are still tracking down information. "A case like this is built off of witnesses and we haven't contacted all of the witnesses yet, there's neighbors, people that they use to do business with that know little bits of information," Sapp said.

Sheriff Breeden said there are more arrests to come, and believes this goes beyond the co-conspirators already in custody. "I think that there was some there that were a little bit bigger than, I hate to say it."

Investigators say the focus now will turn toward getting the dealers off the street, then they'll come back for the users.

Investigators say they're still trying to determine who owned the two properties on Fowler and Brightwater Drive. They're also continuing to interview witnesses in the case.

Marie Keefe contributed to this report.


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