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Learn Gang Awareness 101

July 6, 2007

Albany  --  Are gangs in your town, on your street, even at your job?   Employees at Albany Technical College got a lesson in Gang Awareness 101, to inform them of possible gang activity around them and what they should be on the lookout for.     

It's hard to imagine why anyone would join a gang, but just who gang members are may surprise you.  "If you're not involved in it, it's going to surprise you, a lot of people were surprised," said Law Enforcement Instructor Emmett Griswold.

Surprised that some of those gang members, could be walking along the campus at Albany Tech, sitting in the classrooms. "I learned how to recognize students who are involved in gangs by the clothing they wear, some of the symbols that they flash," said Dr. Josephine Raybon.

Even the way those students walk could indicate their participation in a gang.  So does that mean these faculty members should fear their students? Dr. Raybon said, "I think we have to be more alert and aware of our surroundings for our students and for ourselves."

And if they see suspicious activity, they now know they should report it.  "Don't blow it off, don't brush it off and don't ignore it, because what's their problem today is going to be your problem tomorrow," said Capt. Kevin Sproul of the Dougherty County Sheriff's Office.

Sproul says anytime you see gang activity, you should gather as much identifying information as possible, then contact police.

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