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Albany-Dougherty Drug Units hit the jack "pot"

July 5, 2007

Albany -- Authorities in Dougherty county hit the jack "pot" literally. "On June 26th at approximately 5:40 in the evening we executed a search warrant at 234 Frost St.," said Captain Leroy Davis of the ADDU.

Albany Dougherty Drug Unit agents found 134 marijuana plants at that home and some were even growing in the backyard. "We also discovered that there were 40 marijuana plants grown in coolers on the outside," said Davis.

Michael Dias was arrested but he wasn't the only thing standing between the plants and the police. "We discovered that he was on the outside with seven boxer bulldogs and he was able to put the dogs up without any problems from that point.," said Davis.

Dias lived on in the home with his 81-year-old grandmother. "We are assuming that the grandmother may not have known or we are assuming that if she knew that she had no idea what type of plants they were," said Davis.

Police say that this grow house was very sophisticated. "We had some young plants and even plants that were up to three feet tall," said Davis. "We recovered fertilizer, the lighting system that aided in growing the plants."

The older plants were kept inside the home where they were well protected. "We believe that the dogs on the outside perimeter and the inside were there to keep everyone away." Now, the police are able to keep a lot of drugs away from users on South Georgia's streets.

Michael John Dias is charged with a long list of crimes including manufacturing of marijuana and possession with intent to distribute. No other arrests have been made, but the investigation continues.


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