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Pressure washer puts out fire

July 5, 2007

Coolidge-- When the Morris kids and grandkids, heard their grandparents house just down the street was on fire, they came running.  "All you could really here was the sirens, and everybody. . the firemen were on the roof," said their granddaughter Savannah Morris.

But their reaction wasn't nearly as fast as the homeowner,  Johnny Morris.  "Mom was in the kitchen, and daddy was outside filling up his pressure washer to take to the woods and wash," said the Morris' daughter Lisa Warren.  But their quiet 4th of July morning was interrupted when wiring in the walls of their utility room caught fire, and the house quickly started to burn.

First Morris tried a hose, but the fire put out the electricity, shutting off the water pump. "So he got the pressure washer to keep the walls on the utility room wet down so to try to keep it from spreading," explained Warren.

Not just any pressure washer. The 500 gallon machine was fortunately almost filled, allowing them to keep the fire contained until help arrived.  "It kept it down pretty good, til the fire department got here, they got here and he let them take over," Warren said.

Living out in the country though, it took the first fire engines between 15 and 20 minutes to get there, so quick thinking and water from the tank made saving the house possible.  "If they hadn't had that water it probably would have, another 10 or 15 minutes they would have lost the whole house," said Warren.

The bed room and kitchen are destroyed but it could have been a lot worse for the house that means so much to so many.  "Everybody would be sad because everybody in Coolidge, all the kids and all are here all the time," said Morris.

 The family is just thankful everyone, including the smallest members of the family are safe and sound.

The Morris family says they still managed to have a happy fourth of july, although it wasn't the type of fireworks they were expecting.  The couple will stay in a camper behind their home while repairs are made.




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