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Congressman agrees with complaint

July 5, 2007 

Albany --   A U. S. Congressman is weighing in on an Albany woman's complaint that downtown sidewalks aren't fit for the disabled.  Audrey Alfieri, who uses a wheelchair, says the city needs to fix broken and cracked sidewalks so she and others can better navigate around downtown.

Se told city commissioners Tuesday she plans to file a federal complaint after repeatedly asking the city for help without results.

 Second District Congressman Sanford Bishop, who wrote the city a letter asking them to address her concerns, says Alfieri has a valid complaint.

"I think she has a legitimate concern and I would hope that from the various federal resources that we have made available to this community that they will see to come into full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act," says Rep. Sanford Bishop\(D) Georgia.

 Congressman Bishop says people with disabilities, specifically seniors who use wheelchairs, can have problems navigating curbs that haven't been cut with ramps and with sidewalks that are cracked and broken.  


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