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Avoiding ill from the grill

July 5, 2007

Valdosta - Summer is the peak season for bar-be-ques. But if you're not careful, your guests could go home with more than they asked for.  "Storing it in your refrigerator, all the way to preparation, the serving and left overs. There's a lot of opportunities for things to go wrong," says Peggy Norris, a Registered Dietician at South Georgia Medical Center.

But there's some simple tips to keep your food savory and the summer grilling season safe.  "Temperatures have a lot to do with how easy and how fast foods spoil."

Food borne-illnesses thrive in room temperatures so hot foods should stay hot, above 140 degrees and cold foods below 40.

So keep foods in the fridge, not on the counter. And store meats separately to avoid cross contamination.  "Make sure you store the meats on the bottom so the juices don't drip on the other foods," she says.

But keeping clean is one of the best tips to keep you and your guests safe from food poisoning.  "That's probably one of the biggest things you need to do. Anytime you are handling food, before and after you need to make sure you are washing your hands."

Experts say these tips will help ensure the only guests dining on your summer feast will be the ones your invited.

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