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Albany 4th celebration goes off with a bang

July 4, 2007

Albany--  South Georgians celebrated the Independence Day with a bang. Thousands made their way to downtown Albany for the city's annual July 4th Fireworks Celebration.  It's a tradition for many families.

From flags waving in the air to red bows and blue stripes on shoes, patriotism could be seen all over Albany for the 4th of July. You can now add the Albany Transit to those patriotic displays.

"Tickets for everybody. Tickets for everyone," said Gregory Tobie with Albany Transit.

With free Peanuts and Wildcats tickets as an incentive, people hopped on the red, white and blue buses on the search for some Independence Day fun.

"If they don't want to get in the heavy traffic, the bus will provide a ride," said Tobie.

Riders ended up downtown, joining the thousands of other people already near the Front Street, Civic Center area. Martha Reddick found a nice, cool spot near all the action.

"In the shade. That was one of the qualifications," said Reddick.

So what else are the qualifications for a good 4th of July? There's the strum of a live guitar as kids move their heads to the music. Then there's the sense of togetherness as families find their own beat.

"It's a day you get to just rejoice and be happy about," said Lakeshia Elder.

But that's not all the holiday is about.

"Oh no no no.  It's a lot more than that," said Jim Cook.

"America's birthday," said Reddick.

Today is about freedom and those who fought for it. "Everybody isn't as lucky as we are in the United States to rejoice and have a good time today," said Elder.

"I'm a patriot. I believe," said Cook.

So what better to symbolize that patriotism than something South Georgians waited hours for.

"Fireworks," said Cook.

"The band and the fireworks," said Reddick.

"The fireworks. The kids enjoy it," said Elder.

Enjoy the fireworks they did as an array of lights hit the Albany sky.

"It's the greatest country in the world right here," said Cook.

As they boom then fall, we all remember what they mean and the work it took to get here.