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WALB back on the tube for many, viewers excited

July 5, 2007

Sylvester -- After 13-months of being unable to receive our signal, many of you are once again watching WALB.

Our new tower in Doerun began operating late Tuesday night.

A lot of viewers who use antennas couldn't receive our signal after our tower collapsed last June.

We appreciate you patience and many of you are telling us how excited you are to have WALB back in your homes.

"When I turned my TV on and noticed y'all were very clear, I was very happy," says Sylvester resident Gloria Gant.

A few viewers contacted us saying they were unable to get our signal last night.

If you're having a problem, try turning your antenna in the direction of our new tower in Doerun.

Feedback: news@walb.com?subject=TowerUp/CF

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