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What's new this 4th of July

July 4, 2007

Albany -- If you just want to leave the fireworks to the pros, you can enjoy a great show in downtown Albany Wednesday night.

The entertainment will begin at the Veteran's Amphitheater where the blues band "Real Time" will perform at 6:00 PM. The fireworks' show opening ceremony will than start at 9:00 PM, followed by the the fireworks show at 9:30 PM.

This year's show will be choreographed to eleven songs that will also be broadcast on 107.7. So you can follow along with your radio. "And we figured out what we can put together. It may start out kinda slow. It's gonna pick up and than slow down again. And its just gonna be a part of the music," said fireworks coordinator, Dale Henry.

Parking at the civic center will be limited. But there will be plenty of parking at the downtown garages on Jackson and Washington Streets. Albany transit buses will run every 15 minutes taking people to the civic center and back from five-thirty to eleven.

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