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Beer prices on the rise

July 3, 2007

Albany--  If you want a beer with your pizza, you may pay more for it.

Retail prices for beer are up 3 percent over last year, the biggest increase in more than two years. The cost of barley is partly to blame. Nationwide, barley prices rose 17-percent since January.

4th of July sales have been brisk at The Warehouse in Albany. So far the rising beer costs haven't hit the store.

"Miller Brewing company and Anheiser Busch are both doing added value packs right now with 36 or 30 packs giving the consumers more for their money so here I don't think prices are going up. They're actually going down a little," said Owner LouisBernard.

Beer poured at a restaurant or bar could cost more than store bought. Those prices rose nearly 4 percent. Another cause for the nationwide rise in costs is the growing demand for grain to produce ethanol.  



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