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Head scarf still barred from court

July 3, 2007

Valdosta -- No action has yet been taken to reverse a decision that barred a Muslim woman from entering the City of Valdosta Municipal Court for wearing a religious head scarf.

Twenty-year-old Aniisa Karim was trying to contest a speeding ticket when she was told she would not be allowed to enter the court without removing her scarf. Her religion prohibits her from doing so in public.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations wrote letters to city attorneys and the Georgia Attorney General. A week later, they've still had no response.

Ibrahim Hooper of the Council on American-Islamic Relations told us from Washington, D.C. "I really don't see that this policy can stand, but until we hear something from the judge, the city attorney and the Attorney General, we are a bit puzzled."

They argue the actions violate Georgia's code of conduct for judges and the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which guarantees access to public facilities based on religious beliefs or practices. Feedback:


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