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EDC markets Albany/Dougherty County

July 2, 2007

Albany - Economic Developers in Dougherty County say they're working hard to attract major new companies and retirees, two major components of the economy.

Marketing campaigns target seniors and companies looking for empty buildings like the old Nypro building. Those campaigns are paying off. Senior Life Insurance Company recently purchased that building and plans to add 400 jobs to the area within the next four years.

"It's not just a real estate transaction," said Annie Baxter, Director of Special Projects.  "It's about job creation and that's what we do with the Albany Dougherty Economic Development Commission.  We do things that help grow the tax base and create jobs."

Already, about 500 people have contacted Senior Life insurance about working with the company in Albany. The EDC is also trying to find buyers for the Merck and Bobs Candies buildings.

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