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Mellow Mushroom set to open

July 2, 2007

Albany - It won't be long before Albany's newest, and maybe the most-hyped restaurant is open for business. The finishing touches are being added to Mellow Mushroom on Nottingham Way.

You may be able to get a fresh baked pizza with your favorite cold beer as soon as next week, but that's apparently not soon enough for some folks. Owner Bobby Valentino says each day more than a dozen people stop by to see if the restaurant is open.  He said, "We're getting a lot of people stopping by and wanting to know when we're open of if we're open, but we'll be open very soon."

If you are one of the first customers when Mellow Mushroom opens, be patient. Managers say it may take a little while to work out all the kinks.

This is one of the few free-standing Mellow Mushrooms in the country, and it's Albany's first indoor/outdoor bar.



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