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The friendly skies are likely to be full, too

July 2, 2007

Albany --   South Georgia air travelers do not seem to be concerned by heightened security after attempted terror attacks in the United Kingdom. Just about every seat has been sold on jets flying in and out of Albany during this busy Fourth of July holiday week.

Brenda Blakely and her daughters say they had no concerns about terrorism flying home to Moultrie.  The weather was a bigger factor, as her flight to Valdosta was diverted back to Albany.

"After the final approach he said we couldn't land because of the weather, so they took us back to Albany," Blakely said.

The attack on the Glasgow Scotland airport raised security at the larger international American airports, but the security measures at the Southwest Georgia regional airport stayed pretty much the same.

"Things that we'll do, you'll see more Police presence on the curb," said Airport Director Yvette Aehle.

But Transportation Security officials are asking the huge numbers of Americans flying this holiday week to stay vigilant, and watch for trouble.

 "Watch for packages sitting over at the side that has nobody standing near them.  If you see any vehicles that look weighted down, that shouldn't be weighted down.  Things that you pick up on that are subtle.  It's better to be safe than sorry," Aehle said.

South Georgians are traveling. Airport officials say almost every seat on every jet this week in and out of Albany is sold.  Brenda Blakely says terrorism and increased security was no concern.

"Didn't think about it at all.  We're just trying to get home," Blakely said.

Airport officials say you can expect some extra luggage checks during your security stops on your flight, but so far the weather is the biggest factor in South Georgia air travel. 

Homeland Security officials in the united states say they have no specific  evidence of a threat to American air travel, so the security level remains at orange. 


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