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Roof blown down during a surprising storm in Worth

June 29, 2007

Worth County -- No one saw it coming. "Everyone got excited about the rain and next thing you know...," said store regular Jeffrey Adams.

The rain started, lightning flashed, but it was the wind that stole the show." About three quarters of the roof is gone. It looks like straight line winds come through and blew it off," said Assistant Fire Chief of Worth County, Jason Brooks.

Customers at Crossroad grocery at the intersection of Highways 112 and 133 were glad to get out of this one alive. "I've been through a tornado and it didn't have the sound. It just had the winds of one," said Adams.

The area is definitely not a stranger to this kind of damage. "Harsh winds can get under a roof and when it's harsh it can tear a roof down," said Brooks.

Power lines near and on the property were also blown down. " Power lines were down and it was ground wires and I went and got a broom and got them off the road. Power lines were down over here and I got those," said Adams.

Plaster was on the ground and the store's floor filled with puddles, but everyone was in good spirits. In fact they expect to back in business by the beginning of next week.

Emergency workers said this was the only report of storm damage they got tonight. Power was knocked out in a twenty mile radius of the store.


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