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Missionaries work in southwest Georgia

June 29, 2007

Pelham--  A group of volunteers who dedicated their lives to building churches all over the world are working in southwest Georgia this week.  The Men and Women of Action are a Church of God missionary group. When they heard a Pelham congregation needed a new church, they strapped on their tool belts and went to work.

Sweating it out, high on a rooftop, these men, some in their 70's, are working in the blistering in the sun for one reason.  "We're called to do it. It's like a calling from God," said Team Leader, Edward Hammond.

Just two weeks ago, a team of 25 volunteers began constructing a new building for the Pelham Church of God.  Some of the materials came from the church's building fund, the labor is donated.  "All of the expenses, normally, on these mission trips are by the individual. They're not paid, they don't get any money for travel or anything like that," explained Hammond.

The church's pastor, Rev. Perry Lamey commented, "It's just amazing, what God is doing. This is a miracle church."   The congregation at pelham church of god is a small one, the building they're in now, is even smaller.

The congregation is living by faith that their new, much larger sanctuary will give them the space they need to bring in new members.   "We need young people. The church has a lot of elder members but we want to get some young, fresh blood in here," said church member Sandra Gray.  Lamey added, "we're just looking for great things and we still got some distance to go but we're getting there." 

When the hammer and nails are laid down, and the volunteers part ways with the Pelham church of God, both groups say it's not the end of God's mission for them.  "I've tried to quit several times and he's let me know in no uncertain terms, you're called to do this," Hammond said.  "There's still a vision there beyond what we're doing right now," said Lamey.

When the building is complete, several of the volunteers say they plan to return for the church's dedication.

The Men and Women of Action built a church for a group in Tifton a couple of months back. Now that church plans to come help out at the Pelham church of God next week.


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