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New cameras on red lights

June 29, 2007

Albany -- You might have noticed new cameras mounted on top of the red lights at North Slappey and Palmyra Road, but traffic engineers say don't worry. They are not monitoring drivers running red lights.

 These are Video Vehicular Detectors. Remember the old bump in the road detectors you would drive over to signal red lights that cars were waiting at the intersection.

This is the latest technology.  The cameras detect traffic waiting at the intersection, and control the red light changes. They can also help monitor traffic count. Albany Director of Engineering Bob Alexander said "And we'll even be able to recognize the difference between a car and a truck. So if we want to be able to count the numbers of trucks using that street, we can."

Drivers have also spotted these signs going up on most of Albany's major gateways, like North Slappey, saying traffic laws are photo enforced.

That is to satisfy the grant allowing the camera system to ticket red light runners at Pine and Jefferson, the only camera enforcement system in Albany. But the city is putting up other cameras on Slappey to monitor traffic patterns.


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