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Albany leaders pass city budget

June 28, 2007

Albany - - Albany's new city budget does not include a tax increase and it could result in a small decrease in the tax rate.

Thursday, City commissioners approved the budget for the upcoming fiscal year. It includes three million dollars in new spending. Half of that money will go to public safety. Albany police chief James Younger says he can use the money to hire extra officers.

Current public safety workers will also get bonuses. City leaders say it's been a long budget process.  

"During those work sessions people became intimate and detailed with the budget. I think with few exceptions people will feel good about it. I certainly do," says City Manager Alfred Lott.

The budget also includes money to help fund the Gray Senior Center.  Lott expects the millage rate to stay the same. Commissioner Morris Gurr says once the tax digest is finalized, he'd like to see a millage roll back.


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