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Reed Bingham prepares for fireworks frenzy

June 28, 2007

Adel - More than 17 agencies will help make sure one of South Georgia's largest fireworks shows goes off without a hitch.

Celebrate America will take place at Reed Bingham State Park this Saturday.

The day will feature live bands, pontoon boat tours and the fireworks display after dark.

With the region's extremely dry conditions, all those agencies will assure the 500 shells they ignite won't start a fire so the thousands of visitors will be safe.  "I think that the way they are going to do it over the lake is a very wise move and probably the safest way it could be handled,' says park goer Bud Manley.

Between 5 and 10,000 people attend the show each year but with limited fireworks shows in South Georgia and North Florida due to dry weather, an evern larger crowd is expected.  Rangers say you better show up early if you want a good seat for the show.

With all other fireworks illegal on state park property, anyone who wants to create a fireworks show of their own will be asked to leave the park.


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